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In honour of Canada Day here’s four great bands from close by where I grew up

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Gilda Susan Radner June 28, 1946 - May 20, 1989

Gilda Susan Radner June 28, 1946 - May 20, 1989

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I only acknowledge the existence of things that DMX raps about

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"My response was, I hate applause. I don’t like an audience applauding because to me that’s like a cheap kind of high. They kind of control you. They’re like, “Yeah, we agree.” That’s all they’re doing, saying they agree with your viewpoint. And while you can applaud voluntarily, you can’t laugh voluntarily — you have to laugh involuntarily — so I hate when an audience applauds. I don’t want to say things that an audience will agree with, I don’t want to say anything that an audience already thinks. And so the thing with “Update” was not to do these same jokes where you said that, you know, Pat Buchanan was a Nazi or some ridiculous thing that wasn’t true but that everyone would applaud because they’d already heard it somewhere else. “Update” was never a big pep rally when I was there. It was never a big party. So I think the network started going, “It doesn’t seem like as much fun as it should be.” - Norm MacDonald

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right on Paul Rudd

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